I’m here to help.

I created Conduit Designs (LLC) because I love developing websites with people. Much like any conduit, a web site can (and should) be a simple tool that works extremely well at channeling what you are about. Be it the way it looks, or the way it functions – it should do everything you need it to do, while being efficient and easy to use. In short: your site needs to get out of your way. Once it does this, I guarantee that you’ll love your website. That you’ll enjoy logging into it and creating with it. That you’ll want to share it with people and, in return, they’ll enjoy using it too.

How we’ll accomplish this.

I work in a very collaborative way. I am a one person shop so I expect a lot of feedback, planning, and ideas from my clients. I ask a lot of questions because I care about what we are building together. I don’t get hired and disappear for a month until I re-emerge with a site that I hope that you’ll like. That’s simply not how I work. I check in frequently and I expect you to do the same.

This completely transparent process can take more time, but at the end of it, you won’t have a site that was “…created FOR you by some guy that I hired…”. On the contrary, it’ll be something you can say that you helped build. Furthermore, you’ll be able say it with confidence. Because you did! I bet there will even be a good story or two to share! :)