I started Conduit Designs, LLC supporting, small one person shops much like my own. Knitters, designers, yoga instructors, massage therapists... if they had a dream for their business, I was there for their web site needs.

I've also built sites for much larger projects too! From Tech incubators, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project, or even Clinical Trial sites... I've got over a decades worth of experience handling projects big and small. 

Below is list of small and large projects I've enjoyed buildings with clients. Some of which I still have a relationship with to this day.


Smaller Projects



Connie is a published and highly regarded knit designer. She started knit design whilst finishing a post doc in physics. What started as a hobby quickly became a profession and eventually needed to start creating her own brand. That's when she came to me asking for help with her own personal site in 2009 (self-hosted with a new domain name) and it was a genuine pleasure building and designing it from ground up with her. Hard to believe it was that long ago! 


Melissa Wehrle has been knitting since she was 7. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City (where she majored in Fashion Design, specializing in knitwear) she's created quite the accomplished career with needles and yarn. An author as well, her first book was published 2013. She approached me in December of 2009 about migrating her existing site on blogger.com to a self-hosted WordPress site so that she could have a site that reflected her style and accomplishments better than blogger could. It was really fun collaborating with her and bringing her vision for her personal home on the web to life. 


Published knit designer, painter, writer, and staunch advocate for all things creative, Kat has been "fueled by folk art, textiles, garden whimsies, children’s art, lace structures, intricate patterns, and delicate form."  Her most recent work that became a national phenomenon in the US was her pattern for the "Pussy Power Hat" that was seen for miles and miles during the Women’s March on Washington D.C. in January 2017. Kat also owns The Little Knittery in Atwater Village, CA.


Jamie and Amanda had a beautiful wedding here in Durham, NC and originally started up a SquareSpace site to be a bit of an information hub for their attending guests as well as a gallery of photos from the event (and their life together) to share with the rest of the world. With the wedding done, they approached me to migrate the site off of SquareSpace to a free site on WordPress.com. It was an interesting challenge trying to find a theme on WordPress.com that came close to accommodating the look and feel of their original site on SquareSpace. Needless to say, I am really happy with how it turned out and, most importantly, they are too!